UNC Charlotte Impact Academy is now offering a fully online program

The UNC Charlotte Impact Academy online program allows you to upskill in a flexible, self-paced environment.
Develop sustainable development skills with Impact Academy’s eight online courses. Complete the courses in a timeframe suitable to you, in either four-, eight or 16-week durations.

Total program cost: $4,950

Why complete the online program?

Choose between
flexible options

Complete the online courses and have the flexibility to add the international fieldwork component at a later date, if you want to go further.

Start your impact-
driven career

Engage with global industry experts, academics and like-minded peers online, who want to make the world a better place.

Learn best

Explore best practices and innovation and learn how to adapt your own approach based on real-world international case studies.

Get a variety of
learning mechanisms

Engage in self-paced online courses, integrate video lectures and interviews, practical toolkits and frameworks, as well as self-assessments and project assignments.

Build your

Upskill yourself in community engagement, monitoring and evaluation, communication and advocacy, project management and finance and fundraising.

Eight program subject areas to choose from

Two small elephants face us holding up their trunks. Behind them is a large elephant.

Wildlife Conservation

Learn from experts in wildlife conservation and find out what makes wildlife conservation efforts successful in the field.
About a dozen people walk up a gently sloping hill through waist-high bushes.

Environmental and Corporate Sustainability

Acquire the knowledge and skills to succeed in an impactful career in sustainability, where you’ll analyze the best methods for preserving the environment for the future.
A person attaches a blood pressure monitor to someone’s arm. One person stands with a clipboard.

Global Public Health

Procure insight into the practical realities of working to advance healthcare, and learn to deliver successful healthcare programs on the ground.
People sit at a coffee table facing one person who is talking.

Human Rights and Access to Justice

From human rights to gender equality to sociology, learn to apply development theories on the ground. Gain the experience needed to advance peace and justice globally.
Four people in scuba diving equipment are underwater. One holds a clipboard.

Marine Conservation

Learn the skills needed to kickstart your career in marine conservation and discover more about the methods used to help preserve ocean habitats.
Seven people sit around a wooden rectangular table. Behind them, two people sit at a circular table.

Education for Development

Deepen your understanding of educational principles and practices, and increase your potential for career development in organizations engaged with global education issues.
A person holds a watering can. On the table in front of them is a range of seedling containers.

Climate Crisis and Clean Energy

Empower yourself for a career that engages with the global climate emergency and obtain a deeper understanding of carbon emissions, energy consumption and other factors.
Six people and two oxen plow a field. Some people wear a type of traditional Peruvian clothing.

Social Economic Development

Explore different approaches used across the world to stimulate local economic activity.




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Select a course duration: 4, 8 or 16 weeks

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Complete the eight self-paced online courses

NOTE: You still have the flexibility to add the international fieldwork component if you want to advance your learning.