UNC Charlotte

With 74,562 alumni in the Charlotte area alone, #NinerNation ties are strong throughout the Queen City. UNC Charlotte is North Carolina’s urban research university, leveraging its location in N.C.’s largest city to offer internationally competitive programs in the undergraduate, graduate, and noncredit/professional development sectors. UNC Charlotte School of Professional Studies is committed to helping its students achieve their goals, from the conveniently located Center City campus in Uptown Charlotte, just steps from the 7th Street Market and First Ward Park.

About UNC Charlotte

UNC Charlotte has grown exponentially, driven by a Big Idea…to provide access to opportunity and the intellectual capital that has helped build one of America’s most vibrant regions. UNC Charlotte School of Professional Studies offers high-quality programs with practical application to help individuals and employers achieve their goals. This mission continues with the UNC Charlotte Impact Academy programs.

To learn more about other certificate programs and courses offered through UNC Charlotte School of Professional Studies, please visit continuinged.uncc.edu.